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Having any kind of arthritis can affect how you feel about yourself. It can help to share how you are feeling so others can support you.

In this section you’ll find advice about helplines and support groups, charities, financial support and benefits, social care and housing, aids and adaptations, support for carers and support from healthcare professionals.

For support with mental health issues please see the ‘addressing wellbeing page’ in ‘Living well’

Helplines and support groups

  • Versus Arthritis Helpline

Living with arthritis can be challenging. There will be bad days, ok days, and good days. Our helpline advisors will listen to your concerns and help to guide you through different options : Why is it important to talk about arthritis? (

  • National Rheumatoid Arthritis Society (NRAS) – Online Join Together Groups

For many people attending a regional group in person may not work for them and through digital groups you can connect with others with similar interests and lifestyle choices. All groups are run by NRAS Volunteers.

Connect with others online through Facebook, Twitter, You tube and Instagram

Connect with others | NRAS | Community | Connecting

  • Versus Arthritis Chat to Ava – the virtual arthritis assistant

AVA is a chatbot, and we’re training it to give general information about arthritis and how to manage symptoms.

AVA is here to give you fast, easy access to our trusted information, 24/7.

Every time you use AVA, you’re helping us to understand what people with arthritis want to know about. So you’re also helping other people with arthritis by making sure we can provide the right information.

Chat to AVA, the Arthritis Virtual Assistant | Versus Arthritis